About eDiveSoftware

We wanted to put together a easy to use, minimum mouse click system for every diver from beginner to instructor (and beyond).

A full user guide is provided but many hours have been spent just getting the system to be as user friendly and simple to use as possible – so no need for any type of computer literacy, just common sense and of course an element of general understanding of diving!! – in other words we have spent hours, days, weeks etc pulling our hair out so you won’t have to !! No annoying popup screens, no getting lost. The system has been designed to be simple to use, yet does the complex work transparently for you.

Born out of a collective group of British divers who love to dive the world and had heard the horrors of one too many a diver who had lost his or her logbook to the deep. Had heard one too many a diver not even remotely thinking about planning a dive even in its most simplest form (Even treating it like snorkelling in some cases). We had heard enough, but we also wanted to add the fun elements into recording your dives.

Divers are a strange breed of a specialised species, a breed that wants to enjoy the thrill of the underwater realm and boast to everyone how wonderful it is in all its glory. As a group of divers, eDiveSoftware was born, with the sole purpose of bringing together the diving community so all could share their wonders of the aquatic world and what it has to offer. We are merely divers with a collective experience and interest.

Primarily, our application's purpose is to help scuba divers plan and log their dives in a safe and efficient way without being over cumbersome.

eDiveSoftware allows you to enter your divers, your equipment, your holidays and plan individual dives or a series of dives, tracking your residual nitrogen across your dives.

Detailed hints and warnings inform you of data from previous dives along with any limits you may exceed. The plan is designed to be as easy as possible to build up an actual or theoretical dive plan. Not only intended for dive logging, it can be used as a teaching aid as well backing up the calculations in the planning screens.

We have put into eDiveSoftware what we feel is needed. We are totally open to ideas and suggestions from other divers and will review any sent to us. Periodically we will send out updates to the application and the data and keep eDiveSoftware fresh. The cost of the application is deliberately kept low with an initial cost for the application and a yearly fee to cover any updates. We want eDiveSoftware to grow as the diving community needs it to. As we develop the software further, you will get the latest copies. We are part of this community and our passion for diving shows throughout our application.

You should also find a blog on our site with various articles written by both ourselves and our customers and friends about scuba diving both in the UK and from around the world. These articles cover various aspects of diving and if you submit an article that we use, we will provide you with a free Gold copy of our application for 12 months.

As a final gesture towards the diving industry and the hard work that dive rescue and emergency teams perform, we will offer our application for free in recognition of the vital work they do. It's our way of giving a little something back and one day we hope to do more.