All you need to do is choose the features that you want as we have three simple licence models (Gold, Silver and Bronze)

You will need a PIC Code from our application in order to allow us to generate an unlock code for you. The PIC code can be obtained after installing eDiveSoftware and selecting "Utilities" and then "Licensing" from the menu, then giving us the code from that screen

The alternative method of getting the code is to run C:\Program Files\eDive\BIN\eDiveActivate.exe once eDiveSoftware is installed.

The PIC code is a unique encrypted reference number that is unique to your PC. We use a one way encryption routine so you are not passing us any personal information.

application screenshot

Once you have that code all you need to do is pass that to us when you make payment via PayPal. There is a section specially for this.

paypal screenshot

Activations will normally take place during the evening. The reason behind this is we have full time jobs ourselves and it's only fair we don't do this when we are being paid to work elsewhere