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We want to provide all sorts of information on diving.

Why ? Well, it serves two purposes. The first is that we are trying to give something back (for free) to the scuba diving community. We hope to give some more information on various topics of diving from beginners guides, technical diving and military training tips that might benefit the average scuba diver or dive centre. We're not trying to compete with magazines and the like, but simply feel it's a good thing to have these articles available on our site. One of our founders (Gary) has a wealth of information that he has built up in nearly 2,000 dives many of which were training countless other divers. We often discuss all sorts of topics on scuba diving and the idea was initially to get these things out of his head and onto paper. We'll also show various articles from another founder (Ryan) as he progresses further into technical dive training.

The second reason ? Well, we're honest folks here at eDiveSoftware. We're trying to build up a business in a recession with very little money and as much spare time as we can do. Having more content helps our rankings on search engines. By way of payment for kind writers, if you submit an article we publish in our blog, we will give you a Gold licence for 12 months for free.

Any blog articles on our site are copyright eDiveSoftware Ltd 2011. You may not reproduce any article or part of an article without our express written permission

If you submit an article to us you may not submit the same article to any other online or printed media for 90 days. We also will check that your article hasn't been submitted elsewhere as Google are trying to cut down on duplicate content

Finally we have to state that you many NOT reproduce any of the content on our site without our express written permission. You may of course link to us giving full credit for the work to our site and the authors we show as having submitted an article to us

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