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When we originally started out with the idea of eDiveSoftware, there was nothing that met our needs out there on the market. What we wanted was an easy to use, simple system that we could plan and log our dives as well as record our dive photos and all sorts of other information.

We don't feel it's the right approach to simply dive in and hope for the best. Nor are we telling you how to dive. Our software is designed for existing divers who have existing knowledge of planning and logging their dives and have an existing training organisation to seek advice from. Our system is intended to complement that and make your time underwater easier by saving you time on the surface. You can see the full spec of what we have within the software and here on our site. You can download a trial copy with no obligation and see for yourself. I still feel that there is nothing else out there to rival our application. Please feel free to give us constructive comments and ideas as we might be able to incorporate new features for you.

We've taken the approach of shipping the software with initially two sets of recreational dive tables. One is a dummy set and is there simply to show you that you can have multiple sets. The other is the standard US Navy tables which are freely available. You can of course import your own organisations tables (provided they fit certain formatting criteria) and our application will give you information based on what you have asked for. The reason we don't ship with PADI or NAUI or BSAC data etc...is because those organisations own the rights to that data and it would be wrong of us to simply assume we can use it.

To give you an idea of the background of the team at eDiveSoftware, my background is in software development and data. I've worked as a software developer, lead developer, software development manager, DBA, Senior DBA and now Enterprise Data Architect working on high concurrency online systems and financial applications over the years. I started writing software professionally in 1996 and have worked for companies such as most of the motor manufacturers as well as the Co-operative Bank Financial Advisors, MoneySupermarket.com and currently The LateRooms Group. My focus within eDiveSoftware is on the development of the application and supporting the product. My diving started as a holiday recreational sport through PADI, and now consists of branching out into technical diving. Anything stated on this website is totally unrelated to any of my prior of current employers.

My business partner Gary is the more hardcore diver with the extensive experience. Initially UK military trained, he has worked in various countries as a dive instructor with a substantial array of qualifications to match his experience. Gary's focus has been on the requirements of scuba divers and dive instructors as he has lived that life for years. The diving knowledge comes from Gary and putting that into the application is my part. The unique mix of our two skills we believe is why eDiveSoftware is such a useful application for divers.

We are both fully committed to working in an open and honest way with everyone (especially our customers and resellers).

We have both put in five years development into the software. We sealed the deal on a firm handshake as we both believe in each other's honesty.

It's all been done in our spare time as we have bills to pay like anyone else. We've juggled jobs, bills, kids and being in different countries to put everything we can into this application. For me I wanted to showcase some of my skills. I only write software for eDiveSoftware these days as my full time job is as Data Architect for the Laterooms Group (laterooms.com, asiarooms.com and hotels-london.co.uk which are all part of TUI Travel).

We are extremely grateful to a good friend and colleague of mine called Marc who has given up plenty of his spare time to create this website. Marc is a User Experience developer at Laterooms.com and has done this work simply because he's a really nice guy and wanted to help. It helps giving him a brief of 'simply be creative...but I want a nice website that is quick and simple'. I'd like to thank Marc for his continued help and efforts. Plenty of advice has been given free of charge by lots of friends and colleagues and we are very grateful for the help

There are a few people who we regularily dive with who help with advice. Nick, Seb, Rob and Wayne. Lynsey (Gary's wife and assistant instructor) has also helped with diving knowledge throughout. My wife Lisa has given all the support she can to help keep me on track with this project

Our application is provided as a genuine solution and is totally free of anything harmful or nasty. We publish our software on sites such as softpedia.com and download.com to prove this and have our application independently checked. We will happily provide our software to anywhere necessary to provide this guarantee.

We want you to feel assured that the application is right for you. Please feel free to download a copy and try it. If you like it, please come back and buy it. If not, we would appreciate some feedback as we might be able to address any concerns.

If you want a few copies for your dive club or organisation, please email us at info [at] edivesoftware.com and we will work with you to find a deal that works for all of us.

Finally, in recognition of some very worthy causes such as Dive Rescue teams etc, we will provide eDiveSoftware for free for 12 months (and review beyond there as needs be). Please contact us if you feel you belong to such an organisation.

Ryan - one of the founders of eDiveSoftware