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Quite simply, you need a Windows PC running XP Service Pack 2 or upwards. eDiveSoftware runs on XP, Vista and Windows 7.

In some circumstances you will need to grant full rights (for your current user) to the folder our software is installed in (c:\program files\eDive\ or c:\program files (x86)\eDive\ due to windows permissions issues). If you get a few errors at start up, we'd suggest this is the first approach to take.

We do take the assumption that you already know how to scuba dive and are suitably qualified as a scuba diver.

We assume that you know how to use a recreational dive planner (RNT) and are either a scuba diver or own/run/work in a dive shop. You don't need to be a Navy Seal to use this application

You can download a copy from our site or from places like download.com or softpedia.com if you prefer. You can install and run eDiveSoftware for a 30 use trial without needing to get in contact with us. When you are ready to purchase a 12 month licence all we need is your unique code so that we can unlock it, oh and payment via PayPal.

Installation is a very simple affair and most of eDiveSoftware should be pretty self explanatory. However, there is a comprehensive user guide included, various videos and tutorials are available via our website.

You do need to have full permissions on the installed folder. If you have problems with this, please seehere >>

Ryan - one of the founders of eDiveSoftware