Application features
edivesoftware bronze licence
edivesoftware silver licence
edivesoftware gold licence
General features
  • Totally free to try for 30 uses. No registration needed.
  • Built by active British divers for divers
  • Ships with US Navy Dive Tables but the Gold version allows you to import your own
  • Works with both metric and imperial data
  • Easy and reliable management of dive data
  • Easy navigation WITHOUT multiple nested windows
  • Latest updates to subscribing members
  • Easy, secure installation and online ordering via PayPal
  • Flexible and future-proof
  • Unlimited divers, dive sites, equipment and dives*
  • Add your own photos to the customisable main screen (if you don't like ours)
  • No messing with paper logbooks
  • Add links to videos, photos, dive maps etc...
  • Detailed diver information including contact details, medical and insurance
  • Attach dive computer data to your log
  • Automated formatting and easy printing of logs of your diving experience
  • Management suite including diver data, dive sites and equipment
  • Attach images and videos of your dives
Diver Centres and Instructors:
  • Unlimited diver profiles*
  • Individual and course dive logging
  • Course management
  • Unlimited dive agency set-up
  • Easy course configuration
  • Equipment rosters
  • Manage staff and customer equipment
  • Add your company logo to the main screen photos creating a business driven profile

Everything has a limit, but you should be fine for millions of rows in each table within our installed database

Compatible OS Systems
  • windows 7 compatible
  • windows vista compatible
  • windows xp compatible