eDiveSoftware Licencing and Purchasing

When buying, please ensure you provide your unique system code so we can create an unlock key for you All you need to do is download the application and buy a licence from us when you decide to continue using it. Payment is made by PayPal in GBP.

bronze licence
silver licence
gold licence

Group discounts available for your dive club or dive business Free copies available for members of Dive Rescue Teams. Contact us for more info

Annual Renewal - £5.00 each year Please contact us for details of extended trials should you want this for your diving group.

Q - Why have an annual licence fee as this sometimes puts people off ?

A - Well, it's simply an admin charge. We've dropped our prices from a full price to a small charge to cover our time. If you want to buy a long term licence, that's no problem, just add the annual cost on to the licence you want and send us that, clearly stating the duration you want. We are hoping to keep the purchase costs down as best we can, but are very flexible.