eDiveSoftware Demo Videos

Part One - Adding your divers to eDiveSoftware

  • In our first video we will take you on a tour of the divers screen within eDiveSoftware

  • This screen is where you will be able to add and amend all of the information you need to keep on the divers you are diving with (as well as your own information)

  • Once you have selected a diver the other screens will remain on that diver until you change it, so no more searching for the diver on various screens

Part Two - a tour of the dive site features

  • In our second video we will now take you on a tour of the dive sites screen within eDiveSoftware

  • This screen allows you to manage multiple dive sites information for use later on within our application. Add photos and more information to your dive sites

  • We've even added a nice feature to allow you to launch a Google Earth location file which will open Google Earth and show where in the world your dive sites are

Part Three - adding equipment for your divers

  • In part three we will take you through the equipment screen within eDiveSoftware

  • You will be able to follow us add individual equipment per diver and use that to calculate a recommendation for your buoyancy

Part Four - Planning a dive with eDiveSoftware

  • This is where we go into the dive planning features of eDiveSoftware. That's right, actually planning of your dives instead of just logging them after as most diving applications do

  • We will show you how easy a plan is to create and the hints and warnings that eDiveSoftware gives you throughout. eDiveSoftware ships with US Navy tables but on the Gold licence you can add your own

  • Naturally, eDiveSoftware works with BOTH metric and imperial calculations throughout

Part Five - Logging your dive

  • Plan it, dive it, log it

  • In the fifth video of our series we will now show you how to log the dive that you planned. As you would expect there is no need to re-enter the information. You can adjust the details as you need and log it very quickly

  • Once you have logged your dive that information is used for repetitive dives as we use those values to apply to the next dive. This works for any planned or logged dive you do in series

Part Six - Adding your own dive tables to eDiveSoftware

  • eDiveSoftware ships with US Navy tables as standard (which are freely available). Should you wish to use your diving organisations data we have provided a way of importing this

  • We have no affiliation with any dive organisation so the data is entirely your own responsibility but eDiveSoftware will generate dive plans with the data you provide